Halloween, Goodbyeween!

1) Happy be-somebody-else Weekend! What a fantastic holiday.  I think a person’s costume is very telling of their character or atleast what their priorities are at this point in time.   Here are your options: get super creative and whip something together using brain power, stuff laying around the house, and very little money come […]

and 2 months later…

I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted ANYTHING but I’ll have you know that it has been on my to do list as something to get done on Monday, but then it moves to Tuesday, Thursday, and so on.  That is how two months goes by. Anywho, here are some updates… 1) […]

The beast is awake…

Here is the final-for-now cut of The Needy Visions playing their fantastic track, “Number of the Beast” at The Temple in Jamaica Plain.  Although the audio isn’t what we had hoped, we plan to cut together at least one more video with the footage we have from this show.  Click and Enjoy!


…without rifles, bullets, or camouflage. Ben, Alex, and I spent the day in Concord, MA trampin’ around various woods in search of THE perfect spot for a scene in a music video we’re shooting at the end of September. We didn’t get that ‘special’ feeling with anything yet, but the quest is far from over […]

Woahhh, Nelly!

I feel like I’m jam packing every last little project I can into the last few moments of summer.  Here, I’ve made you a numbered list of the things I’m up to. SAILESH Ben and I are leaving Boston at 3pm today to shoot SAILESH (only the ‘world’s best hypnotist’) in some random town that […]

I’ve mastered two recipes…

While staying with my aunt in San Francisco earlier this summer, I was fed a lovely dish made with carrots, sunflower seeds, and some lovely seasonings.  I loved it so much that I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during my stay.  My kitchen experience includes guacamole, PB&J, apples and peanut butter, cereal, and […]