C’mon now 2011, don’t sneak up on me like that!

If I were to rank the weird feelings that have overcome me in the last 22 years, I’d say that this one is somewhere in the top 10: realizing that this moment in time, this one right now, is one that you had predicted many months ago, one that you had pictured to a T.  I will say that I didn’t predict blogging about this moment, but I can say that I had a very detailed image in my mind of …my dad and I watching movies, pausing them while I ask a question and he explains, mom chiming in while experimenting with different types of Asian noodles, and then someone presses play again followed by my dad waking up Josie (our pup) on his lap and making her get up so he can go chop veggies or microwave something.  I suppose this is what home is to me.  Pretty great, I know.

I know my groundbreaking proclamation that “time sure does fly by” is worn out by today, the fourth day of the new year that none of us can seem to get a handle on, but deal with it:  boy, oh, boy does time sure fly by.
After a week in Jamaica, I now have 10 days in Columbia, MO and then one week back on Kinnaird Street in Cambridge before my last semester at Emerson College.  But school is not over because we never stop learning, right?

Before I ramble more, enjoy a couple of photos I took while in Negril, Jamaica.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll share with you the things occupying my mind, so that they can occupy yours for a hot second as well:

1) 10,000 Trees is the working title of a documentary I’m working on for my BA Practicum or Senior Project.  When Sarah Berkovich pitched the story of her Grandfather working towards his goal of planting 10,000 trees, I couldn’t just ignore it.  We’ve decided to fly out to Seattle this March 2011, shoot the 10,000th tree being planted, and bring this thing to life.  I’m working on the Kickstarter page right now and will post it once it has been launched.

2) Timelapses are quite addicting when you have a little GoPro in your pocket.  The little videos I’ve been making are probably only interesting to those that were present at the lapsing of time, but it’s pretty interesting to see the patterns and ways that people move, who can’t sit still, how the clouds move, who checks their phone the most, who drinks their margarita fastest, how the light changes, and on and on. 

Timelapses on Vimeo

3) Things I can squeeze in just in case this is my last 4-6 months in Boston:

a celtics game, more MFA, a hockey game, more dancey bars like zuzu, loving allston, JP …i’ll come back to this.

happy new year everyone.


One thought on “C’mon now 2011, don’t sneak up on me like that!

  1. Yay! I’m really psyched to start working on the 10,000 trees project. I don’t think I would have done it if you hadn’t pushed me to do so. It will be great, I know it. Also, I’m loving your time lapses, you need to bring that camera out when we shoot in Washington/Portland. That would be awesome for filming the land. I wish we could time lapse it long enough to see the trees grow. Anyway, have a wonderful start to the new year. It sounds like it will be an exciting one 🙂

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