Halloween, Goodbyeween!

1) Happy be-somebody-else Weekend! What a fantastic holiday.  I think a person’s costume is very telling of their character or atleast what their priorities are at this point in time.   Here are your options:

  1. get super creative and whip something together using brain power, stuff laying around the house, and very little money
  2. come up with a hip concept and end up having to explain it to people over and over
  3. buy a 40 dollar costume from iParty
  4. pour a bunch of blood all of yourself and call it a day

    I don't know what to call this except 'A Bloody Jay'

  5. put on your skimpiest pair of undies, paired with cat ears in honor of Mean Girls
  6. don’t do anything at all due to lack of time or lack of passion for the holiday

Any of these are okay with me, I just like to see the wide range of ways people handle this holiday.









2. A Sean Penn-less Mystic River  He auditioned, but we have a way better cast lined up.  We’re making a short piece for the Mystic River Watershed Association to explain the issues around the Mystic like Sanitary Sewage Overflow, Combined Sewage Overflow, the invasive species that these overflows cause, and what the organization and YOU can do it help alleviate these issues.  That’s all I’ll really say about the mushy message stuff.  The 8-10 piece is for a class I’m taking this semester with The Bob Nesson: Documentary for Social Action.  Emerson needs more classes that are paired up with other groups in the community, such as this one.  Yesterday (Tuesday Nov. 2nd), Patrick Johnston who essentially made up his own job of patrolling the Everett section of the Mystic by boat, took us on a 3.5 hour boat tour.  Our good ol’ pal Patrick Herron who is actually one of the four staff members at MyRWA came along too.  Chris was shooting, I was shooting, Julie was manning the audio and interviewing Patrick Johnston, and Patrick was playing with the GoPro gaffed to a long pole and dunking it underwater.  Here are a couple stills from the excursion.  You can expect a completed piece by the end of the semester in December.

3. Attempt to bring you the HONK! Experience #1 As promised, here is the first HONK! Festival 2010 video featuring a little ditty by the What Cheer? Brigade!  I’ll probably do a few more full length songs for individual bands, and then bring at the big guns and do one big compilation piece of the entire weekend.  Enjoy!


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