My bike seat was stolen…

…but instead of dwelling over it or trying to seatlessly (new word?) ride the bike, I decided to post some photos from my mid-summer trip to the West Coast.  I stayed in San Francisco with Cookie, or my Aunt Paula if you want to be formal.  You’ll see the mini road trip with Cory Jones down Route 1 to Half Moon Bay/Moss Beach which is also called the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  Apparently, California has a hard time making up her mind on what to call this gem of a place, but I have decided that it is enchanted enough to earn a spot on my top 10 favorite places in the world.

If you put a sheet over your head and your computer screen, pop in some Enya and waft a jar of sea-salt water while clicking through my pictures, it will pretty much be like you were right there with me.  Enjoy your multi-sensory experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll be posting some Montreal stuff soon.  To experience that trip with me you will need: spectacular food, people who speak french, and cocktails.


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