Woahhh, Nelly!

I feel like I’m jam packing every last little project I can into the last few moments of summer.  Here, I’ve made you a numbered list of the things I’m up to.

  1. SAILESH Ben and I are leaving Boston at 3pm today to shoot SAILESH (only the ‘world’s best hypnotist’) in some random town that I don’t know the name of at this point.  We’ve already shot two of his shows at MassArt and are in the midst of assembling some promo videos.  Yeah, he’s magical…
  2. TASKRABBIT I just finished editing a video that is part of a how-to series for the start-up business that I freelance for, TaskRabbit.  This awesome little company makes your to-do list disappear.  Check them out and get $15 towards your first task.  Back in April, I documented TaskRabbit’s involvement with the Boston Marathon.  This summer, TR launched in beautiful San Francisco and invited me out there to shoot a few promo and how-to videos.  I got to stay with my awesome aunt, whose carrot recipe is featured in the previous post.  I hung out at Dogpatch Labs, the bustling warehouse where CEO Leah Busque and her little crew of no more than 3 keep the wheels turning.  I also spent some quality time with my good ol’ pal Cory Jones.  He took me down to a magical place that I’ve added to my top 5 places in the world, Half Moon Bay/Moss Beach.  I’ll post those pictures soon.
  3. THE NEEDY VISIONS I’m in love with these guys.  The Needy Visions are based out of Jamaica Plain and make some of the greatest music that has rocked the cilia of my ears in ages.  I first saw them play in Medford, but then dragged Ben along with me to see them play at Charlie’s in Harvard Square where we bravely and maybe a bit drunkenly approached them after the show to ask if we could shoot their next gig.  Since they are only the coolest dudes, they replied with a big yes.  So now, we’re finishing up a little video of their show at The Temple in JP and plan to edit a few more.  In the meantime, enjoy a couple of screenshots while listening to a few of their tracks.  The Needy Visions, ladies and gentlemen.

    Next time on the ginsBLOG, I’ll probably fill you in on these things:


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