Fantastic Mr. Fox Finalist

Gen Art partnered up with Fox Searchlight to hold a competition relating to Wes Anderson’s latest film Fantastic Mr. Fox.  My roommate Carly told me to enter the contest, so I called up the great and talented Daniel Kwan.  After putting it off all weekend, we got together the night before the deadline and spit out all the clever ideas we had, formatted them into a treatment with a beautiful layout and submitted it.

On Friday, we were notified that we were one of the five finalists.  Yesterday, we were paired up with a costume designer.  Now it is our job to actually produce the treatment that we submitted and create a how-to video to make a character from the Fantastic Mr. Fox movie using the idea and instructions of the designer we were paired with.

Our partner designer is Sonya Nimri, a DIY guru who lives in LA.  Check out her wide range of work and experience here at her website.

Last night, Dan and I did some location scouting around Cambridge for some big colorful walls.  We also worked all Saturday night rigging a makeshift dolly made out of a coat rack.  It’s going to wheel over a table of objects and it is rigged so that we can shoot birds eye view shots.  Lots of gaff tape, twine, and wishful thinking involved.

Our rough cut is due October 9th, which doesn’t leave us much time.  Check back here for photos and updates.

makeshift dolly


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