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My fellow Americans, meet Bronx Obama…

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C’mon now 2011, don’t sneak up on me like that!

If I were to rank the weird feelings that have overcome me in the last 22 years, I’d say that this one is somewhere in the top 10: realizing that this moment in time, this one right now, is one that you had predicted many months ago, one that you had pictured to a T.  I will say that I didn’t predict blogging about this moment, but I can say that I had a very detailed image in my mind of …my dad and I watching movies, pausing them while I ask a question and he explains, mom chiming in while experimenting with different types of Asian noodles, and then someone presses play again followed by my dad waking up Josie (our pup) on his lap and making her get up so he can go chop veggies or microwave something.  I suppose this is what home is to me.  Pretty great, I know.

I know my groundbreaking proclamation that “time sure does fly by” is worn out by today, the fourth day of the new year that none of us can seem to get a handle on, but deal with it:  boy, oh, boy does time sure fly by.
After a week in Jamaica, I now have 10 days in Columbia, MO and then one week back on Kinnaird Street in Cambridge before my last semester at Emerson College.  But school is not over because we never stop learning, right?

Before I ramble more, enjoy a couple of photos I took while in Negril, Jamaica.

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I’ll share with you the things occupying my mind, so that they can occupy yours for a hot second as well:

1) 10,000 Trees is the working title of a documentary I’m working on for my BA Practicum or Senior Project.  When Sarah Berkovich pitched the story of her Grandfather working towards his goal of planting 10,000 trees, I couldn’t just ignore it.  We’ve decided to fly out to Seattle this March 2011, shoot the 10,000th tree being planted, and bring this thing to life.  I’m working on the Kickstarter page right now and will post it once it has been launched.

2) Timelapses are quite addicting when you have a little GoPro in your pocket.  The little videos I’ve been making are probably only interesting to those that were present at the lapsing of time, but it’s pretty interesting to see the patterns and ways that people move, who can’t sit still, how the clouds move, who checks their phone the most, who drinks their margarita fastest, how the light changes, and on and on. 

Timelapses on Vimeo

3) Things I can squeeze in just in case this is my last 4-6 months in Boston:

a celtics game, more MFA, a hockey game, more dancey bars like zuzu, loving allston, JP …i’ll come back to this.

happy new year everyone.

Halloween, Goodbyeween!

1) Happy be-somebody-else Weekend! What a fantastic holiday.  I think a person’s costume is very telling of their character or atleast what their priorities are at this point in time.   Here are your options:

  1. get super creative and whip something together using brain power, stuff laying around the house, and very little money
  2. come up with a hip concept and end up having to explain it to people over and over
  3. buy a 40 dollar costume from iParty
  4. pour a bunch of blood all of yourself and call it a day

    I don't know what to call this except 'A Bloody Jay'

  5. put on your skimpiest pair of undies, paired with cat ears in honor of Mean Girls
  6. don’t do anything at all due to lack of time or lack of passion for the holiday

Any of these are okay with me, I just like to see the wide range of ways people handle this holiday.









2. A Sean Penn-less Mystic River  He auditioned, but we have a way better cast lined up.  We’re making a short piece for the Mystic River Watershed Association to explain the issues around the Mystic like Sanitary Sewage Overflow, Combined Sewage Overflow, the invasive species that these overflows cause, and what the organization and YOU can do it help alleviate these issues.  That’s all I’ll really say about the mushy message stuff.  The 8-10 piece is for a class I’m taking this semester with The Bob Nesson: Documentary for Social Action.  Emerson needs more classes that are paired up with other groups in the community, such as this one.  Yesterday (Tuesday Nov. 2nd), Patrick Johnston who essentially made up his own job of patrolling the Everett section of the Mystic by boat, took us on a 3.5 hour boat tour.  Our good ol’ pal Patrick Herron who is actually one of the four staff members at MyRWA came along too.  Chris was shooting, I was shooting, Julie was manning the audio and interviewing Patrick Johnston, and Patrick was playing with the GoPro gaffed to a long pole and dunking it underwater.  Here are a couple stills from the excursion.  You can expect a completed piece by the end of the semester in December.

3. Attempt to bring you the HONK! Experience #1 As promised, here is the first HONK! Festival 2010 video featuring a little ditty by the What Cheer? Brigade!  I’ll probably do a few more full length songs for individual bands, and then bring at the big guns and do one big compilation piece of the entire weekend.  Enjoy!

and 2 months later…

I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted ANYTHING but I’ll have you know that it has been on my to do list as something to get done on Monday, but then it moves to Tuesday, Thursday, and so on.  That is how two months goes by.

Anywho, here are some updates…

1) MUSICAL CATS Ben, Alex (Ben’s Brother) and I gathered together a skilled little crew of people, some actors, and of course the feral cat creatures.   Then we shot our music video which is complete.  But for now, I’m only going to give you a peek.

2) HONK! HONK! I want everyone to experience this Somerville/Cambridge festival at least once in their lifetime.  HONK! Fest is the BESTfest in my eyes because it brings in a ton of outrageously fun, unique, talented, grungy, insane, old, young, new, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera bands from all over the world and they play music that you just can’t stand still to.  It was actually quite painful for me to film, as all I wanted to do was shake it with my fellow crowd members who were packed in so tight that I know I felt multiple breaths on my neck (it’s okay, I did not mind at all).  I’m about to start editing the 50 gigs of footage that I shot and hope to have it up here quite soon.  Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the shaky shots from those moments I couldn’t help myself and might have done a little two-step. MIGHT have.

It mostly occurs in Davis Square, but on the last day of the weekend festival they parade from Davis to Harvard Square with a bunch of other activist organizations.  Oh, did I mention that all of these brassy bands are playing for a purpose?  How much cooler could this thing get?  Really, every town should have one.  It’d be worth it to go to the website’s list of bands, and then check out some of the bands’ websites.  A lot of them are from the New England area and play right around Boston frequently.

PLEASE do these things for me and for yourself: Go to the HONK! website and find out what you missed and then start counting down for next year’s.  Then, I’d like you to listen (and download) some of What Cheer? Brigade‘s music, one of the bands I fell in love with at my first HONK! fest experience.  Lastly, take a look at the pictures that I hastily shift+command+foured from a couple quicktimes and then check back in a week for a video or two because I ought to have those puppies good and done by then.  If you’re wondering what kind of music this is, I can’t even explain it.  After listening to What Cheer? Brigade (if you didn’t follow my directions immediately after I asked), toss out a few adjectives or define it for me.

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3) octoBEERfest Yes, there were more than 8 beers at this one…and it was held in September.  The Low Sparks (my RiverGods friend Kevin’s band) played for all the live long day for all the blissful drunkies at the Sam Adams Octoberfest/Beer Summit at the Smith and Wollensky castle downtown.  I FINALLY got my act together and finished editing a little video for them right in the nick of time (before October comes to an end).  Check it out here…and if you can see yourself in dancing with a big ol’ Sam Adams in your hand slow motion style, it isn’t too late.  These Beer Summits are reoccurring, so find out when the next one is, throw on your lederhosen, and get HOSED by the LITER. Ha!

It’s getting to be that time of night that I regret writing or talking to anyone because I usually end up a tad embarrassed when I read what I wrote the next morning.  That sentence is only the start of it.  Don’t give up on me yet though, I’ll write again tomorrow with breaking news of two NEW projects that I’m working on, both having to do with nature.  There will be no more of this 2 month neglection period.  Ah, and now she’s making up words.

My bike seat was stolen…

…but instead of dwelling over it or trying to seatlessly (new word?) ride the bike, I decided to post some photos from my mid-summer trip to the West Coast.  I stayed in San Francisco with Cookie, or my Aunt Paula if you want to be formal.  You’ll see the mini road trip with Cory Jones down Route 1 to Half Moon Bay/Moss Beach which is also called the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  Apparently, California has a hard time making up her mind on what to call this gem of a place, but I have decided that it is enchanted enough to earn a spot on my top 10 favorite places in the world.

If you put a sheet over your head and your computer screen, pop in some Enya and waft a jar of sea-salt water while clicking through my pictures, it will pretty much be like you were right there with me.  Enjoy your multi-sensory experience.

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I’ll be posting some Montreal stuff soon.  To experience that trip with me you will need: spectacular food, people who speak french, and cocktails.

The beast is awake…

Here is the final-for-now cut of The Needy Visions playing their fantastic track, “Number of the Beast” at The Temple in Jamaica Plain.  Although the audio isn’t what we had hoped, we plan to cut together at least one more video with the footage we have from this show.  Click and Enjoy!

the needy visions @ the temple

the needy visions @ the temple


…without rifles, bullets, or camouflage.

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Ben, Alex, and I spent the day in Concord, MA trampin’ around various woods in search of THE perfect spot for a scene in a music video we’re shooting at the end of September. We didn’t get that ‘special’ feeling with anything yet, but the quest is far from over and we’re open for suggestions…so give us some. We’ve got a shady, prehistoric looking forest in the same vein of The Antichrist.

Woahhh, Nelly!

I feel like I’m jam packing every last little project I can into the last few moments of summer.  Here, I’ve made you a numbered list of the things I’m up to.

  1. SAILESH Ben and I are leaving Boston at 3pm today to shoot SAILESH (only the ‘world’s best hypnotist’) in some random town that I don’t know the name of at this point.  We’ve already shot two of his shows at MassArt and are in the midst of assembling some promo videos.  Yeah, he’s magical…
  2. TASKRABBIT I just finished editing a video that is part of a how-to series for the start-up business that I freelance for, TaskRabbit.  This awesome little company makes your to-do list disappear.  Check them out and get $15 towards your first task.  Back in April, I documented TaskRabbit’s involvement with the Boston Marathon.  This summer, TR launched in beautiful San Francisco and invited me out there to shoot a few promo and how-to videos.  I got to stay with my awesome aunt, whose carrot recipe is featured in the previous post.  I hung out at Dogpatch Labs, the bustling warehouse where CEO Leah Busque and her little crew of no more than 3 keep the wheels turning.  I also spent some quality time with my good ol’ pal Cory Jones.  He took me down to a magical place that I’ve added to my top 5 places in the world, Half Moon Bay/Moss Beach.  I’ll post those pictures soon.
  3. THE NEEDY VISIONS I’m in love with these guys.  The Needy Visions are based out of Jamaica Plain and make some of the greatest music that has rocked the cilia of my ears in ages.  I first saw them play in Medford, but then dragged Ben along with me to see them play at Charlie’s in Harvard Square where we bravely and maybe a bit drunkenly approached them after the show to ask if we could shoot their next gig.  Since they are only the coolest dudes, they replied with a big yes.  So now, we’re finishing up a little video of their show at The Temple in JP and plan to edit a few more.  In the meantime, enjoy a couple of screenshots while listening to a few of their tracks.  The Needy Visions, ladies and gentlemen.

    Next time on the ginsBLOG, I’ll probably fill you in on these things:


I’ve mastered two recipes…

While staying with my aunt in San Francisco earlier this summer, I was fed a lovely dish made with carrots, sunflower seeds, and some lovely seasonings.  I loved it so much that I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during my stay.  My kitchen experience includes guacamole, PB&J, apples and peanut butter, cereal, and the occasional omelet.  Now, I can add this recipe to the list along with another one I’ve stolen from my mom involving roasted sweet potatoes (yes, I conquered my oven fear), corn, beans, and more tasty seasonings.

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You can download the original recipes by clicking on the links below.  Keep in mind that I veered from these due to ingredient, time, and skill constraints.

Carrot Salad with Sunflower Seeds